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Yellin' Timber

Typing people based on their looks or mannerisms is not accurate.


I feel bad I didn’t write this one sooner…but better now than ever, eh? Yeah, this is a BIG problem in the popular MBTI groups. If you are just trying to do it for fun and take a guess, great, fine. But when you take it way too seriously and even start judging others types based on a profile picture? Or those damned Selfie waves that happen in the groups? Bout time I did a break down on why this is illogical.

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Stop saying sorry. Say thank you instead. When you say, “sorry for being a jerk” the other person is forced to either call you a jerk or say it wasnt a big deal. Instead, say “thank you for being so patient with me” so the other person has a reason to say they love you.
I saw this gem on Reddit tonight.  It was posted under a topic of “What ‘little’ things you can do to improve your relationship with your significant other.”  I’m definitely taking this piece of advice with me into my next relationship. (via blakebaggott)

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